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Who we are…


Esther Forrester is a former Division I collegiate player. She has been running her own programs for kids for over 10 years and has been teaching for almost twenty years. She has also coached The Empire State Games and Tennis Europe.  She has been nationally ranked in the thirty and over category. She enjoys roller blading, photography, and performing stand up comedy in her spare time. Esther emphasizes smart play and tactics in her teaching. Esther' enthusiasm for the game and her gregarious personality make lessons fly by in a snap.

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How are we different?


There are many ways we are different from other tennis pros and academies.

Our training isn't just about drilling and perfecting your technique, it's about becoming match ready.

From our training, you will prepare for tennis matches. 

You won't just hit balls that are right into your comfort zone and don't realistically mock the balls hit to you during tennis matches.

You will learn strategic patterns! You will learn how to return all kinds of shots. You will be armed with a winning recipe for matches.


A Program for Everyone

Whether you are looking for individual attention, group clinics, or matchplay, we have a program to suit your needs. We have programs for the beginner, intermediate, and the advanced.


Private Lessons

One hour private lessons are great  if you need individualized attention. Private lessons offer a detailed, individualized plan for making improvement to your game. $80 per hour.  Block of 6 lessons. Private lessons also available in the Hamptons at your home or a public court for $100 per hour.

Bonus: meal plan and training diary to monitor your progress. Value: $50



Group Lessons

One hour-long program, 2-4 people per group. Receive real feeds, stimulated match play, learn strategy, make new friends.  $35 per person, per hour. Series of 6.

Bonus: before and after video, progress reports




UTR Match Play:

3 hours of singles and doubles match play and strategy coaching. Guaranteed competitive matches with evenly matched players. Great for players who are already competing either in high school or tournament play or adults who are looking to play against a greater variety of opponents. $35-55 per matchplay session.

Bonus:  Worksheet on how to do scout an opponent.

Tennis Schedule

Spring Classes start the week of 7/15 and end the week of 8/5 Pro-rated sessions are available if you need to start later.


Would you like to drop us a line? Say hi? Ask some questions about our programs? Here are some good ways to do so!

Call or text : 631 948 1103