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Play smart tennis!

Sometimes winning at tennis isn't about hitting a 120 mph serve, a killer forehand or an overhead that bounces over your opponent's head (thought these things can't hurt). Sometimes winning tennis matches is about out smarting your opponent. Winning a tennis match is all about learning your opponents strengths and weaknesses, figuring out how to take advantage of them, and then executing a game plan.


This video course teaches you how to do all of these things in less than an hour. After enrolling in the video course, you will be entered into a Facebook support group where we will support you with out smarting your opponent. Coming soon. 



Smart Shots


When playing a match, shot selection is everything. Some shots are appropriate in response to other shots.  Also shot selection depends on the opponents position on the court as well as the score. 


This video teaches you how to select appropriate shots. After signing up for this video course, you will be enrolled in a Facebook group to receive extra support. Coming soon! 


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Course for instructors 

Are you an instructor who isn't quite sure how to work with younger kids? Are you out of ideas for how to make your lessons exciting for younger kids? If so, perhaps this downloadable book is for you. Click here to purchase. 


How to practice with your kids


How to practice with your kids is a handbook on different activities you can do with your kids to help them improve as an athlete. You can use this handbook even if you aren’t a star athlete or a sports professional! to purchase click here.